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TODAYS INSPIRATION | Life would not be the same without friends | An update to my favorite blogging community… No RING Yet! :( But I am learning that patience is very well one of the most important virtues that I need to learn.

I have had a GREAT Birthday so far!!! I hung out with a bunch of girlfriends that I have not seen in a long time Saturday during the day! It was fun to talk weddings because they as well are getting married in a couple months. Then at night Bryce took me out! I was hoping for a romantic rondevou (have no idea how to spell it) with a path lined with rose petals and my ring sitting in a gorgeous golden pillow waiting to be placed on my freshly painted nails… haha! ok ok too much I know, but a girl has got to dream! That didn’t happen unfortunately, it was ok though. He took me to a romantic dinner and then we played miniature croquet and laughed til our stomachs hurt. Great night!

Then Sunday night I had a Dessert Party for my Provo friends! I am excited for Wednesday night because I am going out to dinner with the Sexy Seven= best friends from college and life!


TODAYS INSPIRATION | Celebrating 24 years on the Earth | I can’t believe its already my Birthday again! Yay for me! Everyone has been so sweet! Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to go out with the Love of my Life tonight! Hope he has some surprises up his sleeve, because I am expecting some:)

TODAYS INSPIRATION | Wedding decor | Ok so my taste buds are continually changing and I can’t stop it! Just 3 months ago I was sooo into pinks and whites and creams and lace and crystals etc etc. Now all of a sudden its changed.  I love yellows and corals and navy blues. What to do what to do!

With the Wedding only 4 months away I have already begun my decoration design. I am pretty sure I have it pinned down. Picture this: Soft whites, lace, rustic burlap, twine, shining gold and silver, pop of Yellow stripes to liven the mood, navy blue to give it the cape cod feel, baby breath flowers, sunflowers, meadow, wood, green moss, and cute baby animals:)

The reception is in this amazing Classy rustic Barn and the ring ceremony is going to be held outside among the tall trees, green grass, meadow flowers, and white rose petal path. Here is what I envisioned.

Happy Valentines Day to you! It’s crazy how fast this holiday, one of my favorites, came up this year! I usually have little Justin Bieber Valentines cards made with lollipops stuck to the front smiling its sweet candy face. I also would usually be decked out all in Red, Pinks, and some kind of sparkle, because Love shines!

But I cant help but to just look at myself and wonder! I am sitting at work, not a single pop of color on my drab outfit, my hair lazily wavy due to my lack of time this morning, and the ever so daunting puffy eyes due to my continual allergies to anything and everything! Life is so crazy busy right now that I completely forgot to look cute today!

I even procrastinated my Valentines gift for my Boo! So I found myself at traffic-central-Walmart during my lunch break today. “Don’t tell my boyfriend!” I was absolutely astonished and quite embarrassed at the scene I had suddenly come upon. Man after woman after man after woman were walking out of the big sliding glass doors with Flowers and Roses, and cards, and all those dumb little heart shaped boxes of candy for a dollar hanging from their arms in paper or plastic bags!

I don’t know about you but following the crowd makes me very uncomfortable! I fled from the isles and isles of Valentines with the swarms of people leaping at the over-priced stuffed animals and yanking them from eachothers hands. I saw everyone casually trying to act like they didn’t procrastinate the most important day of their significant others life! But the look of guilt can be seen for miles as they hurry and rush through the cashier before someone they know see’s them!

It just makes me think what all this is really for? Although like any holiday, last minute shopping is perpetual. Don’t remind me about Thanksgiving of ’04. That was a disaster and a story for another day. I just re-learned the lesson that Procrastinating is never a good idea.

I just hope that you did better than me and planned a bit earlier instead of the DAY OF! Although, I am pretty confident that Bryce is going to LOVE his present! I am so excited for what tonight will bring.



Its that one movie with that one guy Bill Murray that replayed the day about a million times and made you want to pull your hair out for the 90 minutes while you watched it right?! Wrong! Well kinda! haha. Its an actual Holiday that is observed every February 2nd in United States and Canada. It is all based around a small furry rodant that emerges from his little cave to see his shadow.

Folklore traditionally says that when the Groundhog emerges from his burrow and sees his shadow then he retreats back into his hole and Winter will continue for another six weeks. And if he doesn’t see his shadow then surprise, Winter is over! It’s crazy that the entire weather season is based upon a cloudy or sunny day for the entire country! haha So glad we have this holiday, or else I would not know what to wear for the next 6 weeks!

This year the largest Groundhog Day 2012 celebration will take place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. It is here that a groundhog named Phil will emerge from his burrow at around 7am. Same place they filmed Groundhog Day.

This year Phil saw his shadow!! More Winter means more snowboarding! Yayeah!

Not sure if kissing is a part of it but who wouldn’t want to, Phil is sooo cute!!!This reminds me a little of a movie about a small lion Simba and his father Mufassa….”Everything the light touches is your kingdom Simba.”Ok, finally a candidate I can support!

Is this really happening?

So grateful we have Groundhog Day after this picture!

Well Well Well, here we are! A new year has begun and I am almost too excited to be excited! Its like the fog of last years goals dissipated and now its time to reinvent myself yet again.

It scares me to have hope for the next 366 days because in reality what has happened in the last 365 days didn’t quite meet my expectations. Nah, I did experience some of the best times of my life. Every year I get wiser and more experienced. For one, I learned to live with girls that I had never met before in a new city and hold my tongue. Second, I found out what is was like to really fall in love! Which incidentally followed with knowing what it feels like to really stand up for myself! Thirdly, I realized more and more that Heavenly Father loves me. And even though it is hard to see, I have to have faith.

Through all of those lessons, more and more came about consecutively with surprises along the way! Its always a turning point in life when you can look back and see what has perspired and the results that enveloped.

As I had a good cry yesterday, January 1st, on the way home, I blame PMS, I had recieved a text from a very sweet young man. After spilling me guts that this year sucked and nothing good came from it, he asked, “If this year had turned out exactly the way you wanted, how different would it had been?” I thought about it…. And it reminded me of the cliché question that people used to ask in getting to know you games, “If a geinie granted you three wishes what would they be?” My answer was always, “I wouldn’t ask for anything because I already have everything,” with a angelic smile.

Funny but so true! I wouldn’t change anything and I wouldn’t ask for anything. Some may completely disagree. From the top of my head I heard people ask for 9 lives or a room full of money! To me it seem silly to ask for 9 lives when life is already eternal. And as for the money. Wouldn’t you rather work for it so you can appreciate it more? Life gives you the opportunity to make whatever you want out of it. This year was hard…. Freaking Hard…. But look at how much I learned?!!

I learned what I am looking for in a man. Not someone who sits there and judges me for every little thing and see no fault in their own. I learned that I have the best friends in the World. I learned how to graduate College and receive a degree! I learned how to be a professional Graphic Designer and talk with clients like I know what I am saying! I learned how to hold my own when in arguments and not bust into tears. I learned how to share the gospel with people around me! I learned that dating in Utah is extremely different than anywhere else! I learned to be courageous, I learned to be charitable, I learned how to make money, I learned how to pay bills, I learned how to be the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER, I learned how to make dinners every night, I learned how to clean my house properly and be a little OCD about it, and I learned that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and I must not fret!

This is not all I learned, just a few. So you can imagine how much my little brain inside my XS size head grew! I have so much to be grateful for this year! I talked to my grandma today and she says all I have to do is be positive! So Here I Am Being Positive! 2012 is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!!

Look forward to my New Years Goal for my blog: I vow to post a new piece of inspiration everyday so not only you can be inspired, but I as well:)