Oh no you did not just say that

Hi friends and family, whoever is out there and possibly read this. On one hand I hope I get hundreds of followers waiting for my every word and ideas… then on the other hand I find it somewhat personal that I can write whatever I want on the world-wide-web and no one looks nor cares. Ideally I would prefer the later but the second is most realistic. Today has been kind of a blue day for me. I got upset about something that someone said to me last night and can’t seem to let it go. Even though it was told in a half serious half joking manner I still took it like a huge bodacious rock was thrown on me and I had no where to go but dig down to get out. And thats where I was last night. Digging and digging inside of me and around me to figure out exactly what I had to say to get my “defense” heard. I quoted the word defense because that is how I felt I was put. You know when people say something and you feel like your backing up into a wall and have to fight to get your footing back? The feeling is not comfortable especially when its with someone you love. Although no feelings were meant to be hurt my lil soft fragile heart started struggling to keep its composure. I wish I could tell you what was said and who said it but I feel that would take away from the true meaning of how I am experiencing the hurt. I want to make clear I am standing up for my rights and my faith. And I hope all of you do to. ahmen


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