Why Right Brained?

Through intensive research on…. myself I have decided to name this blog Right brained. I thought to myself… If I had a blog what would I want to put on it. Well I would want to put on what I am interested in. And what I am interested in is whats the newest, coolest, and latest art, graphic design, photography, technology out there! So come here for all your latest right brained work! I will keep up the research!

Today I came across a website   core77.com and fell in love immediately. Its a graphic design site containing a plathera of the latest and greatest work out there. Ranging from any subject, even humanitarian and national news. So the post I found most interesting was this one about ARCHITECTURE. I love architecture, new and old. My favorite part about my study abroad in Switzerland was all the crazy cool buildings.

http://27-theproject.com/ is the website. I am going to follow this 27 day project to create a movie on Europe’s Architecture! Follow with me!



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