Becoming a blogger

What makes a good blogger? I know I always wonder what makes someone want to read your post and then keep coming back for more…. I used to think it was just cool pictures or witty remarks, but after a mere 2 second research on google I realized it is so much more than that.

7 Personality Traits Found in a Successful Blogger

1. Innovative Personality  (I would definitely say I’m a lot more different than most girls)

2. Community Enablers (huh?)

3. Originality and Creativity  (Always)

4. Entreprenuers   (I’ve always known I want to own my own graphic design business since I was young. I watched my mom as she managed her own gallery all growing up)

5. Good Communicators  (Sometimes Check. I get really really intimidated at times and act as though everyone hates me)

6. Interesting and Focused   (check)

7. Imagination and Curiosity  (check)

Im the kind of person that does A LOT of research before starting anything. I want to see what others are doing out there so when I attempt I know what Im doing. Smart right, well to some they don’t need to check out everything else before they dive into their souls and grab onto the first thing that sleekly swims past their hand. I’ve read numerous upon numerous of blogs. One’s that are purely just for fun, others to document their everyday life, there is promoting your business blogs, and my favorite… random informative crap blogs.  But what kind of blog is mine?

I thought I was going to do a documentation type, then it turned into what inspired me, and then through more research I’m back to square one. Thats when it hit me… why characterize yourself. Can’t I do everything? Can’t I be unique and main stream at the same time? The answer is YES!

So without further adue, I present to you my Blog…. (Right Brained) best suited name for a person like myself…. RANDOM.

Inspiration of the Day!


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