Surprise Birthday Party

Ok so I was born on March 31st, which is this thursday. But all my friends decided to do the ultimate surprise and throw a party a week before my birthday!! I had no idea! Bryce took me out to our favorite spot for dinner (The Malt Shop), the oldest diner in provo. Loved it. Ever played Day and a life of? MEMORIES! So after dinner he took me back to his house to play games with his roomate and a girl. But when we walked into the house and the lights go on I see pure delight! All my best friends screaming happy birthday! Not to mention the cardboard man popping out of a cake! Yes EDWARD from Twilight was their life-size. Cupcakes lined the tables decorated so perfectly I almost shed a tear! I love my friends and my boyfriend, their so sweet to throw me a suprise party! BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! Here is proof!


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