Up Mother Nature’ sleeve…

It was a snowstorm about an hour ago and now its a perfect sunny day weather. I don’t get utah! Logan was worse, it would be a hail storm one min then the next beach weather, then you bet your bottom dollars it was raining cats and dogs the next few minutes. This back and forth actions shows signs of bipolar attitude. Are we dealing with an emotionally unstable weather creator? Tip: One way to rid oneself of chronic up and down moods is therapy. Worked for me and I can definitely give mother nature a recommendation. Also, isn’t utah known as the most depressive state based on anti-depressants sold? I believe so. Could that have something to do with the weather??…. Whether or not, life can be stressful already and adding another bipolar subject (Mother nature) into the mix it tends to rub off.

MOTHER NATURE….yep she definitely looks emotionally unstable


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