Its my birthday TODAY


Usually this is the happiest day of my life but for some reason I feel down in the dumps. Maybe because I’m not where I thought I’d be by now. Although, your life takes you where you want to go and I did choose everything Im doing right now. I have a good job doing web design, exactly what I graduated in. I live in provo, exactly where i wanted to live. I have an amazing boyfriend, exactly what every girl wants. And I have a great family, supportive and intuitive. But what am I missing? >>>>>>>>   …………  I dont know…. I just feel depressed. Maybe because one of my really good friends is getting married this summer and she has everything made in the sun.. literally. She gets married in vegas (Las Vegas LDS Temple not the local chapel of love, haha), then fly’s to mexico for her big beautiful reception. The fun doesnt stop there though, right after they leave on their amazing honeymoon excursion to Miami and then a cruise to the tropical islands to soak up the sun for 7 days. Dont worry I’m not done it gets better… A month after that they move to no im not joking…. HAWAII for two years!! Her hubby got into byu hawaii masters program!

You could say I’m a little jealous, ok lets stop being modest, extremely jealous!!!! I want to be her sooo bad. She is living the life I’ve always wanted! Marrying the man of her dreams and then honeymoon cruise from Miami and living in Hawaii! She is 3 years younger than me and living like a queen. When will it be my turn? I want to be happy! Pick me pick me! I’m ready to live life to the fullest! I’m ready to travel and leave for long excursions with a husband and, close your ears kids, haha jk, I would never say that out loud. But you know what I mean! UGH I did cry last night and I think a little this morning, oh no that was just because my eyes burned form the eye drops. my bad. But still why am I so frustrated with where I am in life? What can I do to make it through this?

When someone figures it out please let me know! Otherwise this might be an extremely emotional birthday :)


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