I’ve abandoned you….

Me and Simba and the Museum a few months ago!!!!

I feel so bad I have not written for weeks! The last time i did it was my birthday and that was a depressing post. I missed my medication and I was pmsing…. NOT A GOOD MIX! Makes happy go lucky chelsea turn into a bore. lol. But the day after I was happy so it was fine. And since then A LOT has happened!

1. Lost all my pictures off my computer

2. Had a really really bad allergic reaction around my eyes (Red Puffy, Itchy, Painful, Look like I got ran over by a truck)! I ran to the hospital asap and got some medicine. It didnt take effect until last night ( a week later after the dr’s) and i was praying and it occured to me what I was allergic to! Love the Lord!!!

3. Stuck up for myself to my boss (SCARY)

4. Fell in love even more with my boyfriend Bryce Hoer:)

So I will start adding pictures once I get Iphoto back.

OH, I have a photo shoot today with my friend whose a photographer! yayeah I love being in front of the camera! I get my hair done saturday for free because of graphic design!


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