Justin Bieber

So I don’t know if I told you about my Justin Bieber experience yet… Well Bryce (best boyfriend in the world) went to his movie at the dollar theaters because neither him or I had seen it yet. He was less than enthusiastic you could say, but I pulled him along anyway. Well the movie starts and the music immediately pulls us both into a complete literal Bieber Coma! Inspiring, creative, tear-jerking, and adorable were all words and more that explains this movie. I was impressed more with him then any scientist or inventive 20 year old CEO of a company! He started at the bottum, had a dream, and went for it without becoming totally emerged in the pop culture of pride, egotistical, drugs, and alcohol. He started out as a musician at the age of 2 by playing the drums! He’s only gotten better as he’s been in the spotlight. And what a joy he is to watch, so full of life and playfulness. Never forgeting who gave him that talent…. His Heavenly Father. A popular musician to some, a role model to all!

Ok ok I know I get a little too “inspirational talking” but he is just too cuuuute! So bryce and I walked out of the theater singing, and crying ( ok just I was crying), and just loving the movie. Then without hesitation I made he drive me to Walmart at midnight to get a Justin Bieber poster and frame!!!! I was obseeeeesssed! Guess where the poster went the next day??

MY OFFICE!!!!   (My coworker that sits across from me laughs but in my heart of hearts knows Justin Beiber is AMAZING!)


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