Diamonds, lace, and Cashmere

I do a lot of web surfing at my job for inspiration. I am constantly having to create something new and innovative as a graphic designer and sometimes it can be overwhelming. You feel like there is no way you could ever create something as unique and beautiful again. That is why I have to lose myself for a few minutes at a time in what I love and what inspires me to keep my mind open for flow of ideas.

What inspires me?

1. Fashion design  2.  Sparkly things  3. Cool new inventions for housewares or anything that saves time and looks modern  4. Amazing patterns full of color 5. Soft beautiful dresses  6. Unique white washed photography  7. Wedding photography because their so full of love  8.  Sequins and diamonds  9. bright colors  10. My Boyfriend!!!  11. Interior Design  12. Graphic Design 13. Logo’s  14. Cool websites  15. Minimalism


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