Girl Crush

Have you ever had a girl crush? Do you know what a girl crush is? Did you know theres such thing as a guy crush? All these question and more will be answered.

I don’t think a woman or a man has walked this earth without one. It’s when you think someone of the same sex is just amazing looking. You either wish you were their best friend, or that you looked like them, or that they the most attractive person you know. Most of these are celebrities. Why wouldn’t they. I’ve had my days of looking up to Julia Roberts. Probably because since I was a young tot people would come up and say I looked like the actress from pretty woman because of my abnormally large lips. It was both a compliment and an obsession. I almost waited for that to come out of peoples mouths like a fly to the light. Other reasons for girl crushes could be do to a great movie you saw with them in it, a magazine add, or grown interest through time with a certain person. Either way, boys and girls have them.

My most recent girl crush came about yesterday while doing my daily task of looking for interesting pictures on Shutterstock for the websites I design. This girls beauty caught my eye and I seriously was enthralled. I didn’t believe someone could be that pretty. I wish I was her. Even though I know Im making a mockery of myself even thinking about the ways to look like her, I still wondered. So I downloaded the picture and here it is for all to see. Yes, Im obsessed.

Gorgeous Girl off Shutterstock photos, My girl Crush


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