What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger aka College

First of all, 3 snaps for me, I did it! I made it out alive!  4 1/2 years later and I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design. I look back at all those grueling hours staring at a computer screen until the wee hours of the night and trying to come up with something so creative that will blow the socks off my professor and send the green monster to make home in my competitive classmates minds, is all worth it.

I had never been so miserable and so happy at the same time while I was in college. I prayed the day would come soon when I didn’t have to write another stupid 10 page paper that at times was interesting to learn until my fingers hit the keyboard and the real work set in. I thought the projects and the deadlines and the advisor meetings and the stress would last forever ’til I was laying in my comfy white clothed coffin. The most grueling tasks of them all was the emotional part.

I felt as the days and hours went on I was losing the control of my depression. Yes I remember the good times more than anything but below that so many things were happening. I cried myself to sleep much of those nights. I wrote in my journal about 80% of those nights and lost control of my eating habits about 99% of the time. After countless school dances, lots of kissing, and discovering myself, I found the answer’s and the help I needed to be the person I was always meant to be. I could not of done that without…… college.  At Utah State University I learned what makes me tick, what turns me on, and what my true passions were. Since the last time I walked off that campus and looked back at what I had accomplished, I just smiled. Because thats all you can do. Smile that you met life long friends, smile that whatever class didn’t kill you made you stronger, and smile that you never have to go back:)

Utah State University Graduation 2011


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