Is it a sign?

If you knew you’d know I’m not the best at telling stories. I always mess up the order of things and throw the punch line out before it’s even close to the end. I can never remember details and I’d rather tell it once and never tell it again. It’s just a lot of work remembering what happens in my life.

So I’m only telling it once so listen good:)  Last night I had a dream. This wasn’t any normal dream it was a TITANIC Experience and wake-up call! It was a stormy day like none I’ve ever seen (sounds like a line in a movie ha ha). Rain, Wind, Tornadoe like sounds, and sky’s as black as night in the middle of the day. There were hundreds of people out in the street running around frantically and I was jogging through this crowded setting. Jogging outside? Me? Ya I know, weird! So The storm was getting worse and people were getting more and more frantic, including me. I ducked in this abandoned house until I felt courageous enough to find my family. Loved ones I remember them being, faces slip my mind. But one person was very clear, my step-sister, once removed, Charity Jones, was there and right by my side.

Then All of a sudden the storm suddenly stopped and the clouds opened with a gigantic circle above our heads and a man larger than life looked down at us commanding our attention. Of all people it was Jesus Christ, our Savior, it had to be. I was literally in shock. I’m not quite sure what he said but he warned that if we did not repent we will be wiped away and die a painful death. Strangely and ironically it sounds exactly like the 2nd coming! My mind was racing as to what I was to do next, but my body was frozen. I kept getting this repeating thought over and over again… “You didn’t pay your tithing last pay check, you have to pay your tithing!”  My guilt grew and I warned my family and friends that that was Jesus and we need to repent! Then the man in the clouds came again larger than before and like a huge projector above our heads we watched the destruction of earth. For some reason though all that was shown was car crashed…. But those can be quite deadly too.

After that my clouds fizzled away and skys cleared to a hypnotic blue. The feeling of the crowd was grateful that they weren’t swallowed up to the valley of death at that moment and that there was still time. But, the other unanimous voice being heard from my friends and especially charity is that there is no need to rush repentence, we have plenty of time. Just relax she said. One could easily read between the lines and see the words “procrastination” in flashing lights.


I need to pay my tithing, be better at reading my scriptures, and to repent, because you never know when that day will come… ahmen


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