Winner of Web Competition

So you all should know I am a Professional Graphic Designer. I work at a company in American Fork doing Web design for every type of client you can think of; Insurance, Law Firm, Elevator Systems, Beauty, Advertising, Breast Feeding, Scrap-booking, etc etc etc. Some days I am excited to make an amazing original site that I can just pour my heart into it. Then theres other times where I’m just bearing it. Ask any designer, it comes with the territory. For creative people it is sometimes hard to be held back with certain clients who only want 1990’s early-internet-no-taste-even-if-it-hit-them-over-the-head clients. So that is why I thrive every Tuesday (yep, day after monday) because of the one and only “Office Design Competition!”

The category for this week’s comp was Advertising. I jumped at the chance to make something in my style! I designed a micro-site for new products with the company Skintimate. I played with the colors, buttons, photography, textures, and collage. LOVE IT! I designed it as a working site with a slide show. Maybe Ill put it up here if I get really bold:)

Moral of story = I won the competition this week!
  1. AnnVose said:

    Way to to Chelsea! You do such a good job…I couldn’t be a prouder mom! Maybe one day you can teach me how to do a few things.
    Love you!

    • I love you too! I would love to teach you also! I added a new page to my blog called Food. I am going to add all my favorite recipies!

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