Blogging is addicting

Everyday I fill my thoughts, trying to figure out the next amazing blog for the day. I started blogging about a month ago and I can’t stop. I’m”Obsessed”. I spend a lot of time trying to find the best and most inspirational pictures to share with my readers. All 5 of you (My mom, Julie, Sandra, …..) ok maybe just three, but I hope to have more one day! Maybe by that time i will have all the quarks worked out. :)

Today , after my hours of scouring the internet to a little inspiration, I found these pictures that absolutely enthralls me! I never liked photography before. But noI see it through different eyes. I have no idea how it changed? Kind of like your taste buds. You don’t know theyv’e changed until one day you try to eat that Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich that during a time, you could not get enough of!  That was me for my entire sophomore year of college. I had at least 2 a day! It tasted like heaven on a plate! But now when I dive into a delectable PB&J hoping for that sensation again, It leaves me wanting more….  Another Example – Gossners Flavored Milk. I used to ingest that like air during my Senior Year at USU, I was essentially obsessed. But just recently I went and got more and I can say that they will be sitting in my fridge for a long time until someone else eats them.



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