Inspiration After GAGA

So here’s the story….

Sandy (my best friend in the whole wide world!) and I were watching this exclusive MTV interview with Lady GAGA this morning and we both were SHOCKED! This woman covered in Feathers, stark black makeup painted all over her face, and horns coming out of her temples scared the badoogles out of both of us! How in the world could someone be so extreme to totally lose grip of reality and create her own that so many others relish in only for a few minutes. Her mouth opened and like a seagull to last nights dumpster hall we were both hooked. She told “her story” through such exquisite and strange words, dramatic theatricals, and drug-like scenarios. She was a true artist.

Being in the ART world all my life, from my mother owning her own gallery and every walk of life worked there to becoming friends with the most extreme during my days at Utah STates Art Degree, I know a thing or too about Crazy Artist types.

They don’t care what other people think of them and they live in a different reality. Even though it was too extreme for both SAndy and I it opened up this creative duo between us. Sandy and I are close on this creative artistic level that most dont even know. We relish in the same type of tangible and external art forms and see the beauty in the same light as if we were one. Deep I know, but art kind of does that too you, in any form.

After the show we both dived into our favorite song of the moment “If I die young” by The Band Perry and I showed her my new favorite social artistic network known as Here are some of my favorites from today.



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