What I’ve Learned

Me, myself, and yep me again

My life is pretty great right now. I have a job doing exactly what I graduated in. I have an amazing boyfriend who I absolutely adore and want to marry tomorrow. I have really great friends, especially my two besties roomates Sandra and Mandie. It’s gorgeous Summer time and all I want to do is ride my cruiser around the neighborhood with my hair flying in the breeze. My family is lovely too. My mom and Grandma are as sweet as a button! Are buttons sweet? Woops totally wrong analogy, but you know what I mean. I don’t regret anything in my life. I have lived it to the fullest and have sucked the joy out of every second in my mind. From College to friends to therepy to boys. I’ve done and accomplished a lot. I’m 23 years old and still learning. I thought I learned it all at 16… But I was hugely mistaken.

Things I’ve learned over the years…

1. Never buy Mayo in a glass jar, it will be broken in a matter of min after its home arrival.

2. Do not carry a huge fish tank from the sink to the table full of water… You will drop it!

3. Don’t think that when a boy says he has just been really busy lately and can’t talk that it means he is “Busy and can’t talk”. He’s just not into you anymore.

4. Learn to use tampons early in life

5. Don’t ever think that eating a whole can of pringles by yourself at one time is a good idea.

6. Wash your face morning and night.

7. Getting anything with little tiny choppedup green veggies on a date will never end with a kiss.

8. Taking another path while back country snowboarding is not a smart idea.

9. Riding your bike with no hands never ends well, expect tummy road rash, SCENE IT & IT WAS HILARIOUS AND SAD… :/

10. Never say you can’t do something, unless its skydiving.. that freaks me out

11. Before you come out of a bathroom check your fly, it takes like 2 seconds.

12. Do not text and drive!!!! WARNING $600 ticket.. ouch!

13. Do not text and walk! Especially down stairs. Thought I broke my foot one time lol

14. Learn to get yelled at without crying. Learn to do everything without crying

15. Don’t watch a sad movie with your boyfriend, their shirt is not a tissue lol

16. Check a mirror every part of a date, you never know what might be hanging from your face.

17. Don’t date boys with dogs. They end up showing the dog more affection than you.

18. If a guy hasn’t asked you out after flirting with them a bunch, they are never going to ask you out!

19. Wear sunscreen the first time you go out in the sun for the summer unless you want to look like a lobster.

20. Never pee outside next to a lake at night, misquitos will eat your butt up hahaa

21. Never do a take home test with a guy you like. You will be caught cheating when you did all the work

22. Always check the air in your bike tires Before you drive to the top of a canyon to go down.

23. A bag of  Apple size marshmallows will last you an entire summer.

24. If someone has sweaty pits DON’T point it out and tell them you have a cure for it.

25. Cookie dough + red box + my gurrrlzz = the best of times

26. Living with a chef is the best way to get through college.

27. It is true that another mans trash is another mans treasure = D.I. Love

29. Just because you don’t like your best friends boyfriend doesn’t give you the right to start setting her up on dates.

30. Don’t get your hair done right before a professional photoshoot! They will mess up and you WILL come out with GREY HAIR! 

More Coming Soon!

  1. Great list hun, some of them absolutely cracked me up (they’re all true though)! x

    • I really loved your list and was excited to be able to do my own! Im glad you liked it. I have oh so many more but ill keep those for a later date:) ARe you from Australia?

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