Art through every medium

Where else do you get paintings made in blood, a knitted mini cooper, and salsa dancing all in the same place? Yep you got it, the Utah’s Art Festival 2011! I went yesterday with my boyfriend and it was sooo fun. I surprised him, he had no idea where we were going in Salt Lake. We went last year and I remember it being so amazing. I love ART. I am an artist at heart and professionally. Obtaining a Bachelors in Art I definitely dabbed my feet in a lot of different mediums. From oils, watercolors, ceramics, to graphic arts, sculpture, and interior design. I love every form of it at all times, but relish in one or two at each moment.

There were tents and tents lining the sidewalk and grass by the Salt Lake Library. There were stages around every corner with performances so strange yet so inviting. The metal workers, the glass blowers, the painters, the characterist’s, and the FOOOOOD! Loved it. Bryce and I both want to decorate our house (our homes with “whoever we end up with,” lame sauce and somewhat insulting to a girlfriend of over a year to say that) with all our favorite artwork from the show. Some of my favorites include these amazing oversized paintings on canvas with impressionistic swirly complimentary colors that popped out like a lightning bolt to your creativity. Another favorite of mine were these cheesy yet so incredibly functional salt and pepper holders. They were made out of forks and spoons welded together resembling an man standing up holding the shakers with both arms. The artist was making them right in front of us too which made it all the more tantalizing. Bryce enjoyed the landscape photography. He loves the outdoors and mountains and gorgeous scenery. You will see that with the picture I added of him.

Overall it got my taste buds going for more art in my life. I want to do a painting or some sort of creation soon. Recently I spray painted all my picture frames white and silver to match my new design trend of my room. I’m going for the classy chic minimalist look. White furniture, white frames, cream linens, and a dash of blush pink to brighten it up. I am obsessed with all the beach cottage blogs where luscious fabrics and soft colors warm your heart.

Well have a great day and until then Laters!



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