Annoyed and Disgusted

Question: What could be the most horrific thing to ever come across? What’s the thing that makes your lashes curl and your stomach to churn…? What could possibly be so degrading that even the thought of it makes you want to run and hide…?

Answer: Walking in on your co-worker watching porn.

My reaction: Act normal, don’t jump to conclusions, then take the bull by the horn and confront through the safe screen of my computer. I pleaded my case that I saw what was on his computer and that it is Not allowed in the office. He consented and agreed.

Later that week, my boss got back from vacation and the “Ratting Out” phase occurred. It was not taken lightly and a day later he was asked to take his work home to soon be replaced.

My Gutsy Move: I sent him a chat and apologized for how everything went down.

His Response: “First, no need to apologize. I screwed up, you did the right thing by calling me on it. I have absolutely no hard feelings toward you, or anyone here. Second, it is my own problem that I need to deal with, so again, you have no need to apologize. Third, working on the whole help thing. I appreciate your concern and discretion.” 20 min pause. He continues with, ” I just want you to know that i am sorry for making you feel awkward and uncomfortable, thereby putting you in a difficult situation. I am sorry.”

Moral of the Story: I learned a valuable lesson in the work place, that men are pigs and you can never be too careful.


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