Growing up and still a kid

I am back from California. I went there with my 2 best friends for the 4th of July weekend. I have never felt like a kid more than I did at Disneyland! We laughed til it hurt. Meeting all the lovable childhood friends like Mickey, Donald, Mulan, Bell, and Arial! It brought the whole experience to life. It’s wierd how when you feel like your really growing up your still a kid… Here I am living in Provo, Graduated with a Bachelors, all on my own, with a stable full time job where I happened to just have gotten promoted. I never thought I would ever be here. I love being grown up but there are days I miss the irresponsible lounging around days and laying out by the pool. I work 5 days a week 8am to 5pm(ok I come in late and leave late sometimes, I’m human). Everyday I sit in the same great desk in my nice big office. I leave work and play with my friends with not a care in the world. I sleep in on the weekends and enjoy “me” time while packing it full of friends and family. I feel more like a kid lately than I ever have.

I guess I had this idea that growing up would be boring… That marriage would be uneventful. That after you graduated from college there really was no more excitement in life. Well I am here to prove myself wrong. I love being graduated! No more papers, homework, stress, and all-nighters. I am excited to go to the next step in life. I want to keep maturing and becoming the person that I set out to be. I’m ready for the next big step in my life. Most of all is that I’m excited for it.

So what I’m trying to say in all this jumble of a post, is that growing up is well-worth the pain. Because there’s always going to be something great around the corner.


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