Weaknesses could be strengths

Have you ever heard a pigeon talk? exactly

The number one thing I need to work on is keeping my mouth shut. When I’m excited about something I tell people. When something great happens to me I tell people. If something sad happens I tell people. If I am upset I tell people.  If I am going in for a personal surgery I tell people. If I am about to embark on a new life’s journey I tell people. If I go on a great trip or something fun happens I put the pictures on face book. If I am in love I change my profile picture. If I feel strongly about something I write a new status.  Why do I like to tell people things? I wish I could just keep my mouth shut.

  1. AnnVose said:

    There’s nothing wrong with sharing your life experiences with other people. That is what makes life more interesting. By sharing your thoughts, experiences and photos you recieve input, opinions, feed back and wisdom. You can bring creativity to a bad, sad or extraordinary situation. Please don’t ever stop sharing your life…experiences good or bad is what makes you who you are today! You are beautiful both inside and out! I miss you and I love you! Mom

    • Thanks:) I just get frustrated when i get all excited about something and then when it doesn’t work out everyone is asking me all these questions because they know everything thats going on in my life. I guess i dont mind when its good stuff. I just hate it when it makes me sad. But it’s true I shouldn’t ashamed of sharing my life and being excited about things. It’s who I am. I don’t know how to change so I just better enjoy who I am. I miss and love you too!

  2. AnnVose said:

    I know what you mean sweetie! Just hang in there…try to stay positive through the bad times and cherish the good times!

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