Mormon DB’s

Have you ever heard of a Mormon DB? Its short for “Mormon Douch Bag”. A term used to identify a Tool living amongst the good hearted religious young single adults. They come in many shapes and sizes, eye color, and hair color. Mostly tall, spray tanned, and a six pack. They try to blend into society while attending Fhe or even church. They talk to you like your really special and ask you so many great questions to get to know the “real you”. They then continue to court you and share with you thoughts and compliments to really hook the emotional aspect of you. Once your hooked and they get what they want, they treat you like Crap!  They become the JERKS and PLAYERS that Summer Sales have trained them to be. Treating girls like objects and making them feel lower than dirt.

One such Mormon DB you might know is the ever infamous Bentley Williams from the Bachelorette 2011. He’s finally kicked off the show but he was a cockroach you couldn’t kill. He had Ashley wooped like a puppy on a leash. Said all the right things to her and then broke her heart like it was a game! 

Thats all dating is to guys like that. Games to see how many girls they can get and then crush. I don’t know how many are amongst us, but like any disease, it spreads like wild fire when put in prime conditions.


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