Texting Addiction


Many people have addictions. They come in all different forms. Some are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Those of which must have a screw loose in their brain. Others battle with the addictions to cleaning (aka OCD), diet coke, smoking, eating (obesity), and so many others. It can range from extreme to taken with a grain of salt. If you’ve ever seen the show “Crazy Addictions” on TLC it shows how people have developed these crazy behaviors and can’t stop. Episodes that I’ve seen include addictions to makeup, eating couch cushions, eating detergent, ventriloquism, and the strangest of them all, wearing a big bunny costume 24/7! SERIOUSLY?! I couldn’t believe it either.

You might think you don’t have any of these issues… But look closer, there are things that you do over and over again and can’t stop. Mine sadly is texting. :(

I’ll admit it. I enjoy texting. ALL THE TIME. I love to always be in conversations. To just simply ask a question and the answer is back without having to do the whole small talk that phone conversations consist of. I would much rather talk over text than dial the number and open my mouth. ISSUE? YES. SERIOUS? … MAYBE. :)

I hit rock bottom when incidentally I received the hammer of all time… A Texting Ticket! Do you understand how titanic that ticket is? $600! I cried to the judge pleading with him to lower it and to my own grace he did to $315. Still a heavy token to be paying as an extremely poor college student. I cried for a week straight. I’m dramatic I know. But after everything was said and done I do realize texting and driving is dangerous! And have not done it since, nor will ever. Except at a red light. Thats a good compromise right? I think so.

Love you Mom, but I blame you. Last Christmas you gave me brown fuzzy pajama pants with these exact words written all over them, ” Text Moosaging.” And on top of that, drawings of all these colorful Moose in cars texting! If thats not a subliminal message than I don’t know what is.

Moving on. I like to text. I text all the time. I am not ashamed. In dating, texting I think is very important. I enjoy cute random text messages from him. It makes me feel like I know he’s thinking about me like I’m thinking about him. I think every girl can attest to that. It’s a crazy world and communication is key. If you are not on this texting boat I suggest you get on it!


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