Life like wind


Replacing the ever important tangible paper-filled journal with the electronic cyberspace can sometimes be a strange pill to swallow. I used to write every night before I went to bed in my adolescent junior high, high school, and college years. I learned a lot about myself during those quite moments alone with thoughts. It helped me through in ways I can’t explain. One thing I noticed though was the fact that more then less of the entries were made during the depths of my despair. The times that I was most upset and anxious. Naturally it was a bitter sweet farewell to those feelings. I could sleep without thinking and dream without gain. I made it through those tornadoes of emotions that growing up brings. Now I am here and turning to a journal to write down things almost seems like work. I am a complete different person from those days. I am a happier version of Chelsea that I always knew I could be. It’s just times like these that make me wish I had the strength to spill the beans.

As I was getting ready this morning and looking in the mirror to do my; hair, make-up, outfit, teeth, and more, I could not get over how annoyed I get of life sometimes. I developed a list right then and there of things I love about life (sarcasm implied).

1. Break-ups. They are the most fun thing in the World! I wish I could just bottle that feeling up and spray it on my body every day just to make sure I’m not feeling too happy.

2. Parking Tickets. Oh how I would love to get a parking ticket every day. Especially when I was only parked there to run into my house for two seconds. The pure joy that comes from having to write a lofty check to the police department for “all they do for us” puts a smile on my face every time.

3. Car Booting. Can I please have a boot today? It’s been way too long and I have too much money saved up in the bank for one. Ya know, while your at it, you might as well tow my car!

4. Work. I would absolutely love to sit in the exact same spot for 8 hours straight and stair at a computer. In my dreams my heaven would consist of just sitting and staring.

5. Monday Mornings. I heart them because its a perfect ending to my amazing weekend.

6. People that make me feel stupid. I wish every single person in my life made me feel stupid because then I wouldn’t have to keep telling myself nice things to build up my self-esteem.

Like that song sung in The Sound Of Music, “These are a few of my favorite things,” I relish in the opportunity to experience these day in and day out. How lucky am I?!


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