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Hey ya’ll! How goes it? I am so glad I get to share my own personal thoughts and feelings in a completely free of judgment zone, not to mention free citizenship here in America. How lucky are we? Free speech, freedom of religion, and most of all, free samples at Yogurtland*. Life is so simple, yet so complex with our spider web of lies, love, and experiences. I wish I could put all of them down on paper. As a child I used to pretend I was an assasin along with my two step sisters and our main objective was to kidnap the prime ministers wife. Why? I have no idea! Because? I lived in my imagination much of my growing up. It was great!

That’s not the reason I am writing this post. Even though I know how much you would love to hear me rant on about all the make-believe activities I performed as a young girl. The reason why I am writing this is because I want to get to know YOU! Yes, that is me pointing at you! I would love to hear your comments on life in general.

What makes you tic?

What was your dogs favorite chew toy?

Where you grew up?

How many freckles are on your face?

Whats a cool picture you found the other day surfing the web?

What is your horoscopic sign and how does it define you?

I can’t wait to see if anyone replies. I might just go ahead and comment myself  just to show you all up. :) Happy blogging!

Here are some of my favorite art found today! Daily Inspiration



This is so sad (pictures below) These people live like savages. I am so blessed, I wish we could help them somehow…

  1. Julie Thacker said:

    Well here goes….

    What makes you tic? PEOPLE & BOOKS. I love getting to know and being with people! I also love to read good books!

    What was your dogs favorite chew toy? My little dog Peter especially liked a red and white dumbbell squeeze toy.

    Where you grew up? I grew up on a dairy farm in Charleston, Utah which is in Heber Valley next to Deer Creek Resevoir. I enjoyed playing in the hay in the barn loft, making tree houses in the big trees along the canal, watching Dad milk the cows in the early morning, herding the cows to the barn from the fields, feeding the pigs and the chickens, smelling the fresh cut hay in the fields, chipping pieces of salt off the salt licks for the cows, riding the horse and hanging on tight to the saddle horn when he trotted so I wouldn’t fall off (my feet did not reach the stirrups on the saddle), riding on the tractor, etc. So many fond memories.

    How many freckles are on your face? Not very many.

    Whats a cool picture you found the other day surfing the web? Smile in the sky:
    (not able to insert or paste it here?)

    What is your horoscopic sign and how does it define you? I am on the border of Gemini and Cancer so I have a few characteristics of both.

    Gemini: The Gemini-born are intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. The more information a Gemini collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those they love is also a lot of fun, for Geminis are supremely interested in developing their relationships. The great strength of the Gemini-born is in their ability to communicate effectively and to think clearly. Adventures of the mind are what the Twins are all about. They also love to share themselves with their friends, and they make for charming companions.

    Cancer: The great strength of the Cancer-born is the tenacity with which they protect their loved ones. These folks don’t ask for much: a comfortable home and sense of peace about sums it up. It’s that nurturing instinct which makes Cancers a pleasure to be with. Cancers find it easy to be sympathetic to others and are quick to show their affection. Their intuition is also a great help to them, especially in times of stress. They can be overly sensitive, easily hurt and prone to brooding.

    So there it is….I love to learn and explore. Traveling the world to learn about cultures, history, and people is one of my greatest pleasures. Spending time with good friends and sharing thoughts, feelings, and activities just makes my day!

    • Can I just tell you how much I loved reading that!!! I loved your responses! haha I love that you actually put your dogs chew toy! lol I had no idea you grew up on a farm! Thats cool. Im actually jealous of that! I grew up in apartments my whole life so much of my play time was on our lil balcony haha! Thanks for your responses and I cant wait to hear more!!!

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