New Leaf

Im ready to SHINE!

Hello friends and family. Im sure you all have missed my somewhat quirky yet lovable blog posts that I have not done in a long time. Life this month has been, how you say…. INTERESTING. Here’s the break-down and I’ll have you tell me one word that would sum it up…

“I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year because he did not want to get married, he calls me a month later, says he wants to get married, then calls me 2 weeks later after planning a date and says he does not want to get married anymore…..

 YEP! Thats My Life! Enjoy the show, come again!

You would think that I was the kind of girl that gets pushed around and has maintained the follower-like personality. I beg to differ (in an angry voice).  I’m an Aries and once told by a not-so-sane fashion photographer ,”Aries are strong powerful bi***’s!” Strong words yet told in an uneducated manner, still ring true. I would agree that I am that in a nut shell.

I don’t give up, I say it how it is, and give advice when at times is not wanted. I know who I am and what I stand for. And being pushed around is none of those. Breaking up once or twice in a relationship is normal, but 5 times!!!!!??? NOT OK! I am officially moving on! Taking my hypothetical suit cases and and cathcing the hypathetical train. CHOO CHOO!! ALL ABOARD! 

I’m ready to get back to my roots. No not the whole traveling to an estranged land to find where my great great great grandparents first said “I do”, but the heart of what makes me happy in everyday life.  If you have an suggestions please do tell!

I am ready to date and have fun and make new friends. I am ready to go wherever life takes me. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me! He has to! I am holding him to it whether he likes it or not. Im 23 years old. Still young and hot to attract a mate. I would like to have children one day. These hips weren’t put here for nothin’!


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