Dating Advice For You Boys

OK in case you don’t know me I’m just going to throw this out there. Am I single? Yes. Am I on the market? Yes. Am I dating? Yes.

Now that we got that all straightened out I’d like to continue. I have had a lot of dating experiences. I’m 23, it’s natural. So you could say I, along with “All My Single Ladies” out there (Thank you beyoncé for that diddy), that everyone has been on a lot of good dates as well as many horribly BAD DATES. It’s amazing how that happens. We’re adults here, we know how to have a conversation with another human being don’t we? Then why do the rules change so dramatically on dates? I feel like some of the guys I’ve gone out with were complete mutes! Did they forget how to have a conversation?! It makes me wonder how they survive their everyday lives, must be a hard one. Bless their souls.

So I have decided to put together the Must-Have Rules for every Guy to refer to before entering a date. Please Read!

1. Be on time. Girls get stressed easily and pace, don’t make her blood pressure rise, its mean.

2. Open her door throughout the entire date! Its not only good etiquette but it scores you big points for later (wink wink).

3. ASK HER QUESTIONS ABOUT HER LIFE, JOB, FRIENDS, FAMILY, ROOMATES, AND ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF! If she’s not talking then she’s not having a good time. This is your chance to get to know her, isn’t that the reason you asked her out?!

4. Plan the date from beginning to end. If you have to ask her what she wants to do, trust me, there wont be a next.

5. Make the first date short. Ever been on a marathon date and wanted to shoot yourself? Light bulb.

That’s all I have for now. Please read #3 over and over and over again. It’s the most important! I hope this helps:) Happy dating!


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