National Kiss Day Yesterday.. Woops

Well yesterday as you know from Kim Kardashions Facebook status, it was National Kiss Day! I had no idea, and after I looked it up on Wikipedia, facts are that National Kiss Day isn’t until June 6th…. Kim’s a Smart One! haha! But since I am such of fan of kissing in general I decided to find my favorite pics on Pinterest that express how I feel a real kiss should look like:) Enjoy!!!!!!

The last is my favorite out of all my favorite pictures of kissing! It wins the Enchilada!!!


  1. Aubrey Reynolds said:

    love you soooo much chels! serious girl.

  2. Elise said:

    Love these! That’s way funny that it’s the wrong day. Kim’s got power though, National Kiss Day is all over Twitter.

    • haha i know i was wondering how that got spread, Kim said she got it off twitter too. The whole world has lost it! lol I love the last pic so much! I didnt have anyone to kiss so i kissed my fish.. through the glass… I’m special both ways haha

  3. Kate said:

    What a sweet post! Girl, I love your blog. Thanks for checking out mine so that I could find yours!

    • Thanks:) I liked yours too! I love blogging!

  4. I love the pictures you come up with and all that you have to say! I was going to log off and then read your post from today( 9-19) and wound up reading until now, when I realized I should be sleeping! I hope to read more soon! I love your blog!

    • Thank you so much! That really means alot! I am going to read your blog!

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