Marie Antoinette in the 21st Century

What once was a normal boring Tuesday, turned into an exquisite feather-filled, sparkled induced, sophisticated Renaissance Day of cavalier chivalry.

A Marie Antoinette inspired photo shoot crossed my path and like a galloping fool I could not pass it up!

I start the day off with a few hours in the office… BORING! Then head to the fortress of flair, “Moore Hair Salon.” But not without taking a few pictures of my futuristic horse-drawn carriage to my castle of beauty.

I wish I could whimsically jump of those clouds and float away!

After I get there It is time to adorn the lavish hair and makeup to look the part!

A Queen is not complete without her CROWN!

Sandy helping out the royal stylist to begin her Antoinette inspired look.

Another one of the Models/Queen that completely encompasses everything lavish in this stunning requiem of sorts.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Marie Antoinette has arrived!

Professional Photos Coming Soon!

  1. Sandra said:

    Amazing day… Can’t wait for Saturday for the show. I love how you recounted this day of ours. Cool photos..

    • Sandy the show isnt unti lthe 24th! next saturday!

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