2011 Emmy Awards Hit & Misses

I don’t watch too much TV. I don’t even know what day or time my favorite shows are on! I just catch up later on the one and only (drum roll..) HULU! TA-DA! So when I randomly switched over to the prime time channels last night before bed, EXTRA was on covering the 2011 Emmy Awards. I was sucked in immediately to the colors and silhouettes of the fame and fortune. Here are some of my fav’s and craves along with my dont’s and wont’s.


If there is anything I love more it’s the mermaid style dress with bounds of fluff at the bottom! Red is the new black!

Sofia Vergara from My favorite show “Modern Family” is stunning in salmon orange couture dress! Which happens to be my favorite color right now too! See “Fall IN LOVe”

Even thought Im not  HUGE fan of GLEE I still support the talent! I love her voice and her class! This is by far the prettiest dress Ive ever seen on the red carpet! To me, I’d rather show a sexy back then a skanky chest. Ruffles on the shoulders are to die for!

Can Anyone look more Angelic?! The host from one of my tv’s lusts “Top Chef” really pulled out all the cards on this amazing monotone skin colored golden dress! It just blends in with her bronze skin and creates a glowing effect! YUM!

Sequins, Sparkles, and Gems OH MY! Yes Yes Yes, I will have another! Obsessed with the modest class and sophistication of this. The color is great and sleek! Shows off her tiny frame. It’s a winner:)


Will someone tell her its a red carpet not the dead carpet. Look Alive please! A corpse cameo from CSI either forgot to get out of stage makeup or forgot to take her medication that day. Both are valid. NEEEEEXT!

Just throw on her jet pack and helmet and she’s ready to go to space! Nice try but no cigar.

Alan Cumming from whatever show he’s in (I don’t think anyone knows) rushed out of bed to get here! Apparently he didn’t have a chance to change into the rest of his suit…

So There you have it! An instant Chelsea recap for ya! Hope you have a great day, and remember to make everyday a red carpet event!! SEEE-ya!


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