Whats Up With Engagement Pictures?

OK I’m not engaged or even close to it, but you can’t get away from the bombarding engagement pictures everywhere! Ya it is great to see two people happy and to seal the deal, but the pictures they decide to send out to the world really makes me wonder…

You can’t go into a single college person’s apartment without the fridge being covered in them. You can’t get on Pinterest and look up photography without the flood of kissing and romantics ruling the stage. Lead alone facebook. I swear I hangout with a single friend one week and the next I see sappy staring pics of them and their lover all over their wall.

I LOVE LOVE, don’t get me wrong but some of the pictures are a little much. The whole trying to be super artsy fartsy and standing like mutes next to each other holding a balloon or props has got to go. It looks like they dont even like eachother! (Ya looks like a happy marriage… NOT!)

Then theres the whole just showing the legs thing. I dont get that….? I don’t really feel like looking at two peoples crotches and down. Not really sending the loving statement. Personally I would rather see their faces.

Theres always a line that some pictures cross where its a little too much PDA… No explanation needed, I think this engagement picture covers that pretty well… YUCK!

You can’t forget about the awkward poses that you know the photographer put them in. I know that some people in front of camera freeze up, so it is good that they have help. It just makes me giggle sometimes. lol

I just think the best pictures are the natural ones from observers perspective. When your just laughing and having a good time, good pictures will come out. Thats what modeling is all about. If you are just moving naturally it shows! Like this picture!


  1. Britni said:

    lol i agree. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it is fun to have the artsy stuff!… but the whole session should not be about that. It should mostly be about capturing their love for each other. Granted, not all of us are as natural in front of the camera as you my dear. … You need to teach me your maaaaad skills!!!!! Love you.
    p.s. That “PDA” picture makes me gag. Noooo thank you. Just kisses please! haha.

    • haha i know i found some pretty wierd pictures! I agree i think there can be some cute artsy pics and obviously it depends on the photographer. but sometimes i just laugh and feel like i had to share my opinions!
      and p.s. you are a natural in front of the camera!

  2. Hahah hilarious post! I know. I have found only 1 photographer that I could even see myself using, because I love ALL of his pictures!

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