Lately I’ve been a little obsessed, ok ALOT obsessed with DYI projects. I want to make something new everyday!!! I want to go to the D.I. everyday after work! But then I have to step back and look at myself in the mirror, “I’m Chelsea, I have a problem,” then I leave to the D.I. and crafts store. Ha.

I am bugged though because I was so excited when I saw this project!

I have the Frame and the magnets and the paper to cover. All I need is the *Sheet metal to glue behind it! BUT no where in Provo do they SELL & CUT sheet metal! Do they expect me to have a drill in my shared bedroom where I do all my lumber and metal cutting? So I am still searching for hardware store to sell and “cut” metal all in one place. paaaleeeease!

NEXT projects I am about to start –

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  1. Cheree Harp said:

    Use a cheap cookie sheet for the framed magnet make-up organizer.

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