Wednesday hump day

Its Wednesday, middle of the already excruciating long week. I thought monday and tuesday was hard, oh no, wednesday tops it. Is it possible to go through a mid-life crisis at age 23? I thought one had to be old, married, and an empty nester to feel lost and lonesome and want to change up life a bit. But as the days go by I’m finding that you can have a mid-life crisis at any age.

I’ve been trying so hard to be positive, but the negatives keep creeping in like fog under a door. I’m always happy go-lucky, although things get to me and I can’t help but to complain.

I’m not a complete fan of my job. I love the people but as a Graphic Designer I need to be constantly creating something. It’s in my blood! When a creative person is put in a non-creative environment with way too much time on their hands, a psych ward is needed to care for the troubled sanity!

I miss my girlfriends. They live an hour and a half away. It sucks because I went from social butterfly to the wingless woman. If I want to do anything in this town I have to essentially go by myself. A lot of courage is required to just show up at a party where you just kinda know the “inviter” and the rest is a sea of nameless faces. It’s like being thrown into a pit of monkeys and being told “ok, go make friends now!” Not so comforting.

So how do I deal with the situation?  I blog, I craft, I shop, I clean, I cook, I watch tv, I pace back and forth, I do everything I can to forget how freakin’ BORING my life is. I really do wish I was back in school when life was filled with deadlines, racing clocks, and being on the move 24/7. Now all I have to worry about is if I’m ever going to find Mr. Right. Which question in itself will turn someone crazy!!! I know, I’ve experienced it.


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