Thursday “It’s almost friday” Day

Scanning through my pinterest I decided to post a plathera of some of my favorite things! Enjoy my top 10 pix for today!

1. Tears are already streaming down my face from laughter!

2. With General Conference just around the corner I can’t help but to just fall in Love all over again with the Prophet and how cute he is.

3. NOTHING makes me more happy than Chandeliers, Ruffles & Cherry Blossoms!!!!

4. It was so hard to pic my favorite picture from my photography board, but this one is strikingly beautiful. The body positioning sold me and how graceful she looks.

5. The graphic designer in me forced me to post this.

6. I am OBSESSED with Chevron Pattern! I want it everywhere!!!

7. This photograph encompasses all my color passions.

8. LOVE this painting!

9. I wish I could just jump in a huge fluffy cloud. Ever since I was a little girl I loved looking at them and running through them when they touched the ground.

10. Last but never least baby animals!!! oooh i wanna just squeeze them and kiss their wittle noses and hold them forever and ever!


  1. lisaalinh said:

    Cute photo finds! Love the painting and of course, the puppy.

    – Lisa @

    • Im a sucker for any baby animal! I love them so much! haha

  2. Ooo love number 8. Is that puppy real?:O it’s SO cute.

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