It’s Friday Friday!! Gotta get down on Friday!

The end of the week is here, and life begins yet again. It’s funny how I have to wait 5 days for life to start taking shape each week. It’s exhausting always looking forward to the next weekend or the next big thing. In commemoration of Friday, here is the perfect picture to start the weekend off!

Lets start with what im going to do this weekend!

FIRST exciting thing in my life is im PUPPY-SITTING my friends wittle palmeranian! His name is Kye and I want to squeeze him and love him til pigs fly! Atleast thats what I thought UNTIL this morning when he woke me up at 6am to simply…. PLAY! Then after countless walks I find little puppy poops all over my carpet. Lovely I know! But its the price we pay to be surrounded my cuteness.

SECOND is I am trying so hard to workout and get better at running! I don’t know what a good mile time is but I was so excited to do a 11:00 min mile last night! haha You laugh but if you had my lungs you would think that was stinkin good! It doesnt help that I come home and my roomate had made a whole shmorgas board of cupcakes. (bow head in guilt) Yes I had one after I worked out last night. Judge me! This picture gives me motivation when faced with those late nights and my tummy only growels for sweets!

Third fun fact of my day is I get to see my best friends in the whole entire world tonight! Of course puppy will be in purse with me all night, so Paris hilton I know I love it. We are going to a reception of someone that frankly have only met once, but I hear its gonna be amazing! Can’t pass that up!

Then after were heading to a Provo Partay! Like all parties, it is going to be fun dancing like a fooool for a bit then socializing and meeting new peeps to extend my web in this here new city I live in.

I better get my style on tonight if I wanna impress! Here are some ideas! Which to choose…

Love this outfit, I could totally pull it off! perfect for work or partying! the bun at the top is so me too. I rarely do my hair anymore haha

I think i need skinnier legs for this outfit… I love it though. I have those shorts too! soo cute!

Lace dress is a must for my next shopping spree!

OBSESSED! no more words needed! I choose this outfit for tonight!!!

And last but not least ITS CONFERENCE WEEKEND!! YAY! I love general conference! starting saturday morning!

Hope you have a greeeeaaaat Friday! Im about to head home from work! ttyl

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