Hottest Men of 2011


I don’t know if I’m just extra boy crazy right now or just a random sequence of events, but the 3 movies I watched this weekend had the hottest guys I have ever seen! It was tough to pay attention to even the movie plot because I was so distracted by the smoldering faces that graced the screen.

I have number out the Hotties with the bodies for you to see for yourselves.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

Featured in the movie SOURCE CODE which I watched this weekend. So Good!

My obsession started way back in the movie “The day after tomorrow” when he had a crush on that girl from phantom of the opera. Should of chose me! lol

Hello there Blue eyes. Featured in this russian GQ cover, he is lookin’ like my future EC (Eternal Companion). Dont even get me started on his smile. Perfection.

2. Taylor Lautner

Saw ABDUCTION in the Theaters and his muscles spoke for themselves… Amazing!

Not only is Taylor a talented actor, but he is a triple gold medal winner in the Worlds Junior Martial Arts competition. I know right.

3. James Franco

Awesome movie depicting a man who suffered 127 HOURS until finally cutting off his own arm to escape from being pinned under a rock.


Quit a model. He’s got that bone structure that is great for photography. Loved him in “Planet of the Apes : The rise”. I saw it twice in theaters… don’t judge.

Men need to wear suit and ties more. Its A-Tractive.

4. Ryan Gosling

Such a good movie! STUPID CRAZY LOVE made me laugh so hard! Ryan’s swag made it a to die for movie.

Innapropriate? maybe…. But it’s in the movie! You would agree its a must see tasteful shirtless scene.

Again, love the sparkling eyes and the grey suit. He’s starting to really make a name for himself in Hollywood and trying to shed the notebook stigma. Good for him.

Well There you have it! The top Hottest men of 2011. If you are a girl, I hope you enjoyed it. If you are a guy, I’m sorry you had to sit through that. I’ll make it up to you next post!

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