Weekend with PIXIE

Remember when I told you I was puppy-sitting a whittle Pomeranian this weekend? Well it was quite the experience. I never thought having a puppy would be so much fun, yet so much work!!!

Original name being Kai just did not fit this little package of fur. So me and my friends decided to give it a more cutesy name… and PIXIE was perfect. Well you can’t name a boy Pixie, so we changed him from a he to a she!

Together Pixie and I enjoyed long walks running around in circles. We snuggled and took naps until he decided it was Play time, which is all the time haha. She woke me up at 6am every morning to yes, PLAY! SHe came with me to the office and meticulously peed and made poo poo’s in the exact same spot on the carpet before giving me those puppy dog eyes that made me melt. SHe chewed up my favorite pair of leather shoes that I loved so dearly, but she is just too cute to be mad!

SHe came with me to a friends outdoor wedding reception. I’ve never seen an animal get more attention! Everyone loves Pixie. Especially a little girl that WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. Bless her soul. lol.

Here is me and a dear Friend Jaewon at the wedding making our amazing smore’s and hot cocoa to set the mood for a wedded bliss.

Pixie even helped me die dem roots so I look good when I walk her! Don’t want a dog to out-cute me!

So all and all it was a great weekend with little Pixie. I finally had to give her back to her owner which was a bitter sweet moment. Finally, I can sleep again! lol. I came to the conclusion that puppies are A LOT of work and until I have a backyard and someone to help me take care of one, its fish for me!


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