Occupy Wall Street

I’m sure your just as confused as I am about this whole protest in New York City. I keep seeing pictures of people standing on the streets with colorful signs and posters expressing their anger and their right to free speech. But what is it for? So like you I did my research. Thanks to Wikipedia and other news outputs, here are the deets.

The protest is called “Occupy Wall Street.” Which is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City based in Zuccotti Park, formerly “Liberty Plaza Park”. The protest was originally called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters; some compare the activity to the Arab Spring movement (particularly the Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, which initiated the 2011 Egyptian revolution) and the Spanish Indignants.

The participants of the event are mainly protesting against social and economic inequalitycorporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns. By October 9, similar demonstrations had been held or were ongoing in over 70 cities.

Today OCT 13th New York Protesters are gathering outside the Kings County Supreme Court to raise awareness of the foreclosure auctions that take place there each week. (occupywallst.org)

“Every week in New York City, in all five boroughs, homes are put up for auction and sale. Speculators purchase homes at discounted rates and flip them. Banks buy back homes to balance their books, evicting the homeowners and letting the homes lie vacant.”

“Wall Street is the cause of this systematic displacement of New Yorkers. Wall Street bankers turned mortgages into “securitized instruments” and sold them for profit. Their greed demanded the creation of more and more mortgage-backed securities. Without blinking, they used predatory loans to lure homeowners into mortgages with impossible—and unseen—interest rates.”

“As we, the 99%, take action against the greed and corruption of the 1%.” (occupytogether.org)

I had no idea this even was going on! In my opinion people of America have the right to stand up to their essential leaders to make a change in the system. All a protest is is to raise awareness for others to know what issues are going on underneath their noses. This is great and I support them 100%.


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