Halloween is driving me Crazy!

Its getting closer to Halloween and I’m sure your just as stressed as I am about the ever igniting question of, “What are you going to be???”

I don’t know If I’m just super anxious or don’t have enough things to do in my life, but I am going completely bonkers trying to figure it out! I’ve spent hours looking for costume ideas online, the D.I., the Mall, my closet, my friends closet, the craft store and my Head! I just haven’t come up with an amazing enough idea that will wow the crowd!

Am I going a little Overboard (Love that Movie) on stressing about this? Yes! But the last three years I have absolutely loved my costumes!

2008 – CaveGirl. Cost? 0$ Satisfaction? Completely. I took some old animal print fabric and had my friend sew me into it! haha. Very form fitting!

2009 – CaveGirl. Cost? 0$ Satisfaction? Completely. I loved it so much I wanted to do it again!

2010 – Cupcake. Cost? 15$ for fabric. Satisfaction? Obsessed! I got this idea to be a cupcake and employed my best friend Sandy to sew it for me!

NOW | 2011 – Still deciding!! Ideas: Madhatter, Sailor girl, Ke$ha, My little pony, care bear, Katey Perry, The biggest Loser After….. I dont know!!!

As I was writing this post I came up with an idea! What if I wear like a top hat and rat my hair out and put bunny ears on the hat! I could be the the rabbit in alice and wonderland! or  Rabbit in a hat….. funny huh? haah i know im going crazy! If you ahve any ideas let me know! I hate to buy costumes, I like to make them!

  1. Amanda said:

    I was a ballerina last year! Totally made my tutu for under 20 bucks and rocked a black one piece swimsuit for the leotard! Sounds like whatever you decide to be will be creative and cute!
    Love your blog! :)

    • thats a good idea!!! for my cupcake costume I made a tutu also for the frosting and it was so cute!

  2. LoveNiki said:

    I was a peacock last year and I had a lot fun making the costume :)

  3. thatgirlwhit said:

    i liked the madhatter idea….and the last idea best. makes me also think of the queen of hearts. i’ve seen some pretty amazing costumes of those. one year i was “the color pink”….it was cheap and fun and creative…i was entirely pink in everything i wore from the nails to the lips to the eyelashes and hair and shoes and tights. you could be ANY color! go all out. just an idea.

    • being a color is the best idea! why didnt I think of that! you could also say your gum! haha! so funny! Im all about making my own costume so if I can get away with that on a small budget of like 5$ then done! I went to a halloween party friday night and decided to just do the katey perry with the blue wig i already had from her concert. surprisingly people still asked what i was…. I looked at them and slowly belted out, “Baby Your a fiiiirework, Come on show us whaaaat your worth!” worked everytime:)

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        HAha! that is too funny!

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