Sick ‘n Bed

Its Monday people! My favorite day of the week! NOT! ha. Well turns out I got the worst head cold I could of asked for. Stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, Dizzy, Congested, headache, and want to sleep aaaaaalllll day and aaaaallllll night. That is why I decided to stay home from work today. I’m still working, but just from home. Makes life right now a little bit brighter that I have that opportunity to still make money while I wear my comfy sweats and un-make-uped face. I’m so attractive right now, you have no idea! haha.

Despite the unwavering headache and constant sniffling, I found a way to actually have a lot of fun this weekend! Friday night my besties (Sandy, and Mandie) came down and we went to the HALLOFUNKAWEEN Party in Thanksgiving Point! It was a crazy packed party full of sluts and tools! My kind of people lol jk! To think that the family festive holiday is reduced to walking around in Victoria Secret black lacy underwear and cheap feather wings… I know right?! Appalling! I stroll in with my jean onesy jumpsuit from head to toe and a blue wig trying to even get close to impersonating a recognizable Katey Perry. 

Then Saturday Morning I was involved in a Non-profit- organization called Courage To Hope where it helps woman affected by domestic abuse get help. It was an amazing experience to tell my story and hopefully help someone out there who has been a victim of it or had a loved one become a victim of the viscous cycle of hatred.

Then after I headed off to my local library to get myself my very own library card for my new city! It’s always a great feeling to pull out that shiny new card and swipe it knowing you can’t wait to dive into those pages and curl up with a blanket!

I pray I never hear this line:)


  1. Britni said:

    ooh girl you KNOW you’ll be hearing that pick-up line all day err day you are at the library!!! haha. i’m sick today, but it is TOM. Rude!!!!!! You look sassy and cute and best of all modest in your halloween giddup. Love ya girl!

  2. LoveNiki said:

    I hope you feel better! And cool costume :) I’m going as the female mike tyson this year Lol

  3. Ann said:

    Hi…it’s me….yo mom! I’m so sorry to see that you are sick….i wish i was there to take care of you! i just caught up on the last two weeks of your blogs. i’t so nice to see what you are doing, feeling and seeing from these blogs…if i can’t be with you…this is the next best thing. Your creativity is uncanny! Maybe you should be an author and write a book. hey….i just finished another book. “Patty Boyd” another biography about a model married to a couple of rock stars. 2nd book i’ve read in 2 years. I’m so proud of myself. Looking for my 3rd book to read.
    Anyway….hope you’re feeling better soon so i can come down and we can play for a day. love you! Mom

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