Saving the World one Orphan at a time

Ok stemming from yesterdays climactic event of me fuming over my little problem (Adult Acne is not a little problem!) I went for a little walk around my work. I phoned my Momma like always when I feel like I’m going to die (me being dramatic again but legit), and she calmed me down screwed my head on straight. I marched back to my desk, wiping the tears, and made a list. A list of what I want to do right now in my life! I had to come up with a way to rid myself of this mid-life-crisis!

I’m a huge planner and like any human being, I need something in life to look forward to. It makes the here and now worth working for. I’m tired of waiting for life to find me. I feel like I sit around waiting for something to happen. I want to go out and grab life by its horns (such a great analogy, thank you to the poet that gave us that)!! Here is what I came up with.

1. Go on an LDS Mission. I’ve always wanted to. The feeling of changing someones life for the better gives me butterflies! I was very close to going when I was 21, I had my papers in and everything, and then a stupid boy and the thought of eternal bliss fogged my memory. I’m 23 1/2 and by the time I get back I would be 25 years old! Even though I don’t want to let the thought of being single until I was 25 rule my life, it just scares me to death! I’m still deciding and am going to do some praying:)

2. Move to L.A. and become a big time Graphic Designer! I’ve always had dreams to move to a big city, live in a high rise, and design fresh and edgy art for clients that ate dollar bills for breakfast.

3. Run a 1/2 marathon! I can barely run 2 miles, there’s no way I can run a full marathon. So a half seems like still a lofty goal but still obtainable!

4. Volunteer in a 3rd World Country to help Children! YES YES YES! I have already decided I am doing this! As soon as the thought entered my mind I almost fell off my seat!

I have a friend that served in Uganda all summer helping children and building orphanages and inspiring more people that she can count. I want that! I have already done research and it is totally totally realistic! Summer of 2012 in Uganda, I can’t wait! But I don’t want to stop there. I want to do one over Christmas or one before the end of the year! Here are some of the sites I’ve found that you should totally check out!

Help International

Global Volunteering Network


I am sure there are so many more and I would love to see if you know of any! Please let me know!

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    ohmygoodness i LOVE you goals! girl, you are inspiring!
    i am one of the BIGGEST serve-a-mission promoters! if you want to go, and it feels right (i understand sometimes we pray and the answer is no) – go NOW. for me, i never wanted to go. but i was 21, feeling like i needed to do something with my life, and then it hit me. a mission. then it became the most brilliant idea ever and i couldn’t wait to leave and change lives! though inspired people told me not to wait, because once a person decides to go, Satan will do everything in his power to keep you from going…even changing your mind. so if you want go, again…go NOW.
    you will never regret it. i look back at the year and half and think how quick it went. 18 months is nothing compared to your whole life. and at the same time, i realized i did MORE with my life and for others – learned and grew more than i ever could in a year and a half than i would have had i not gone.
    i seriously think you would make an incredible missionary. i don’t know you all that well, but your personality is the type that would connect with people and change lives. i wish everybody would serve a mission…it changed my life THAT much.
    ohhhh i miss it so much!

    even at age 25 – you can still do ANYTHING with your life! a good friend of mine was somewhat in your shoes. graduated in Photography from UVU and at age 23 decided to serve a mish. she’s getting married soon…but if you want to feel inspired, check her blog… …and find the side links to her mission is wisconsin. i love seeing cute, smart, hip girls serving missions! haha.

    but anyway…you can do it all and more. i know of lds groups that go to India and volunteer…teaching children in schools and helping in leprosy communities. i’d LOVE to be able to do that.

    i’m also into running…er, getting into it! ha. i’ve never done any kind of race…but hope to one day kick butt!

    sorry for the novel…your goals just got me so excited!

    • I feel like were already best friends and I’ve never even met you! haha. thank you for the novel there my favorite! I love that you served a mission. I told my best friend about your blog so she can follow you. I was like, this girlwhit is so cute and so nice and served a mission and shes like cool and hip like us! haha.

      I would love to serve a mission. Seriously! I was dead set on it when I was 21. It was the best decision I ever made in my entire life! When I decided to serve I went to the doctors and for once in my life had to tell someone else my “mental problems that I thought I could hide forever”. From having to get a complete physical that they ask for to serve a mission I got the Therapy, counseling, and medication I needed to live a happy life! and NOw here I am still benefiting from it! My life is not the same and never will be. But the sad part is I never actually left. all I had to do was push send but I started dating a boy and I had high hopes. then after that ended I started dating another boy and I thought for sure it was right! But that just ended in August!

      So here I am looking for something to do with my life and even though I would love to serve a mission it scares me that if I go I will never get married! Im 23 right now. If I leave I will be 25 when I get back! twenty freakin five! I dont know how old you are but that sounds sooo old to me! I always wanted to get married and have a family. But Im just not having any luck right now in that department obviously. Service is the only thing I want to do right now. If its serving in uganda, serving in a 3rd world country, or going on a mission I need to decide.

      I love that blog you told me about of your friends! she is soooo cute!!! she looks so happy to be getting married! what lds service group do you know of? I would love to learn more!

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        novel. part deux…

        i always thought 23 was the perfect age to get married.
        but now i find myself 24…and a half…(sigh)…and completely single. and especially after having served a mish, i have that burning desire to be married and have a family! it’s so frustrating…twice now i’ve thought i had met “the one”…one of them got as far as a ring on my finger but i ended up calling it off in June. bad times.
        it doesn’t make it easier that both of my best friends are already having babies next month….i feel SO FAR BEHIND! and left and right i see these young 19, 20 yr olds getting married. and can’t help but wonder, when’s it my turn?? am i not cute enough?? haha. it does wonders for my self-esteem. (i also have spent my days in therapy to learn to see the bright side of life…so i totally understand it when you mentioned it. they sent me to lds ones too to make sure i would be “stable” on my mish. needless to say, i did great!)

        but just very recently…i’m starting to accept “timing.” and realizing that i can’t compare myself to others because we’re all so different and the Lord knows what experiences we need and when and in what order. i was afraid of serving a mission because of school…but now i’d never take back my decision to serve. EVER. though now i find myself 24 and still without a college degree. and not married. but just recently i’m OK with that. though i still have days where it gets the best of me.

        my bish told me, just this last week actually…to not push things. like marriage. because the Lord has someone amazing and perfect for me…to not worry about it now or let worrying about when i’ll find him keep me from doing the most with my time NOW. and it’s true…conference was great because it helped me remember that if i’m focusing on ME and WHO i need to become spiritually, and making the most of my current situations…that gives me the confidence and trust in the Lord that things are going to work out when they’re supposed to for me. like you said…faith.

        point in case: you got this! if you want to serve..keep praying and figure out how the Lord will have you do that. but don’t let fear hold you back. faith and fear can’t coexist.

        i’m SUCH a bad decision maker. because i’m so indecisive. and i over analyze and think tooooo much about all the options and possibilities. it makes me feel crazy sometimes! but when the thought of a mission came to my mind. it wouldn’t leave me alone. seemed the topic was everywhere after that. haunting me. and then i read one day “if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work.” …and i knew.

        i’m a strong believer in timing. it’s beautiful…because i know that the fact that it didn’t happen for you before, but now, at age 23…wherever you end up it Uganda or India or Argentina or even Utah…there are specific people that will be in your path, waiting, because YOU are the one that will touch their lives how others couldn’t. or vice versa.

        regardless…Heavenly Father knows your heart. your desires. to make a difference. to serve. to have a family. He’ll make it all happen for you in His unique ways!

        you are beautiful. and amazing. and i feel like you are going to do GREAT things!

        p.s. – i’m glad we’re friends
        also…i have a friend who did the India thing, so i’ll ask her the name of the program.

    • Thanks! I want to! I cant wait to start my life!

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