When Two Bloggers Collide

Yep, there I am! With the one and only, owner of my favorite blog! Who would of thought Blogging would bring new friendships! Two girls from opposite sides of the Country come together for a delightful lunch at a quant bakery. It’s almost crazy that this has all happened!

It all started months ago when I was, yes point the iniquitous finger, Blog Stalking. Its the best way to pass the time and find inspiration when not expecting it. Well, I happen to have randomly found this blog called That Whit Girl and read a few posts. I realized quite quickly she had many of the same interests and goals as myself. Art, photography, religion, humor, and more! I instantly became a follower.

Well soon my discreet following became very apparent when I would comment on many of her interesting post’s, and her as well on mine! She was many times, the push in the day to keep me going. Having that constant positive and calming feedback on all my egocentric and overly dramatic post’s about life helped me like sunshine on a cloudy day.

It wasn’t too long until I found out she was going to be flying all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to Provo, Utah (Hey, thats where I live!!) for a short amount of time. We both thought it would be a fabulous idea to meet up for lunch!

Not to sound weird but I was legitimately nervous! She has become such a great example of those amazing people in my life these days! When Whitney had got there we hit it off like Salt and Peppé (Spelled Pepper like Peppé intentionally, it sounds more fun to say). It was great because we had a Mutual friend, Elissa, that came too! It’s crazy how small this World really is!

After ordering our delectable French Dips, Foccacia sandwiches, and freshly baked breads we sat down and talked about, obviously, Boys! What else do girls talk about when they gather? We laughed til it hurt, took countless pictures, and had a great time! I could of sworn the entire restaurant was staring at us wondering what was all the hoopla!

Who would of thought the simple act of sharing your thoughts online could bring such great things! I will definitely be friends from now with That Whit Girl:)

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    there are just so many things i want to say right now that i don’t know what to say at all!!
    i am SOOO excited about our friendship and how the blog world made it happen..haha. one of the many reasons that the internet is so fantastic!
    is it weird to say i feel like it’s been such a natural friendship?! iLOVEit!
    i so wish i could spend more time in utah…i seriously need to spend more time here.
    thanks for blob-stalking me….look what good came of it!
    i love you so much!!! you are definitely a ray of sunshine as well…let’s stay friends :)

    • OMG your so sweet!! Yes friends forever! Bloggers for life:) It really was a blessing to meet you though! your so sweet and have been so nice to me and giving me advice! Im so grateful we got to see eachother in person! made my day, week, life! haha Everyone and their dog knows about you its kinda funny! They were so excited for me to meet you! Thanks for stalking my blog too, i love getting your comments! I wanted to ask you about how it went with hmm hmm the other night?? I will text you!

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    oh and i totally agree that we were the center of attention in that bakery…i almost forgot there were other people there we were having so much of our own fun!!

  3. You look so cute :) love the way you ‘shopped’ the pictures <3

    • thank you soo much! I love your blog by the way! found it today!

  4. elissa urban said:

    I’m commenting as a guest until I want to debut my blog! But oh my goodness this the highlight of my week!!! Whit has been one of the greatest friends EVER! I vote that she moves to Utah ASAP! And that we do this all the time. Chels, you are our favorite!

    • You guys are my favorite! that was the highlight of my week too!!!! Cant wait til Whit visits again, I get along soo well with you guys! I laughed so hard! Lets try and get her to move here!

      • elissaurban said:

        Yes!! We need to start “operation move whit to utah”!!

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        YES! let’s try and get me to move there!

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