What I learned on Pinterest Today

I learned that Kate has an amazing body, and small boobs are so in! Yay, I finally got something thats cool! 

I remembered how much I LOVE Snowboarding and the snow! Even though it gets cold I enjoy bundling up in my board get-up thats soo comfy!


I learned that this is the exact ring that I want and band! Ok I’m not even dating anyone I know…. BUT…. a girl can dream!

I learned that this quote makes me happy because I was a nerd in High School!

I learned something from this photo that I already knew… I Cant wait to be a mom! I’m gonna look cute like her too.

Everything is better when simpler.  

I learned a very valuable lesson here. That when put around baby animals I need to watch my squeezing strength because I love them sooo much!

I Love LOVE! Its true! I love this picture! Its so me and my future beau! I also learned jealous I am of happy couples. haha


I learned how much I love grey and yellow together! OMG theres chevron painted on this dresser! DIY DONE

I remembered how much I LOVE Dancing! It reminds me that I must find a dance class asap!

I learned how much I really am obsessed with Tiaras! I wish I could wear one everyday.

This dress is absolutely spectacular and modesty is what makes it!

I had a dream LAST NIGHT that President Gordan B. Hinckley was staying at my house and we talked for a bit. He was the nicest man ever and I hope to meet him in heaven when I die. He is truly an inspiration to me!

 I learned that this is a true statement.

Have a great Wednesday!!! Love Chels

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    1 – here’s to next-to-nothing boobs! hahaha…
    2 – i can’t wait to be a mom either . . .
    3 – simplicity is classy. my mom’s favorite saying is “less is more”…very true
    4 – LOVE! yes, i get my couple jealousy days often too…sigh…
    5 – dance your HEART OUT! it’s so healthy and refreshing!
    6 – GBH, what an inspiration.

    • You may not know this but im the president of the Next-to-nothing boobs club! haha if there was one I would be the president!

      • thatgirlwhit said:

        i’ll be your VP.

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