Whats the deal with Thanksgiving?

Norman Rockwell "Freedom From Want"

Thanksgiving is just around the corner you gluttony starved Americans! Time to unbutton your pants a little and let out your belt. Surprised by some, but this is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe more-so than Christmas and New Years. Why? I don’t know… It could be the gathering of people, LOTS of people (its obvious because I am such a social butterfly), the aroma of turkey gravy and stuffing, the sweet crisp of pumpkin pie crust, or the fact that simply I have a lot to be grateful for! Yes, I choose the latter! Thanksgiving food is my favorite, especially the pie, but I have so much in my life that simply can not be repaid.

I think we all kinda start reminiscing about our lives and immediate futures when approaching one of the oldest traditional holidays formed in the American colonies. If it wasn’t for those ever so gracious Wampanoag Indians back in 1621 sitting down to a hot meal with the Plymouth colonists, we would never be raising so many turkeys for this time of year.

Which by the way is simply an amazing idea. When as child did you ever ask your loving cook maid, aka mother, for a turkey dinner? I can’t remember ever doing that. Without Thanksgiving, I along with many other american children, would not even have had turkey in their diet. Due to the monotonous rhythm of life, I think it is a great idea to spice up the dinner table with our feathered friend.

This past Sunday I sat in the pulpit and listened to this very homely red headed single adult talk about gratitude. At first, being my easily distracted self, gave into the frivolous pleasures like quietly giggling with my friends, I heard something that caught my all listening ear. He was speaking about people not having the basic essentials that every single one of us take advantage of. For example fresh water, clean smelling soap, tooth brushes, shoes, a friend, carelessness, and more. The simplest things he spoke of never really enter my mind when thinking over my list of thankfulness. Like many of you, I mention my car, family, friends, home, education, the gospel, clothing, freedom, money, a job, and of course FOOD! But it isn’t until you are camping or completely out of your comfort zone in another country that you realize the basics are pretty darn great!

Just yesterday I hit another all time low. I go to work and feel completely worthless. I come home and feel completely worthless. No passion. Just boredom. Theres nothing that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning. Nothing that makes me want to smile and look forward to the next minute in the day. I feel completely apathetic and comatose about my everyday doings. I wrote the facebook status, “I need excitement in my life… Any ideas?” and the answer I got was one word…”Sex”….. Reallly people? I can’t even do that because yes I am still unmarried!

So following the same routine when i get upset and start crying I call my mother. She reminded me all there is to be grateful for. She also gave me ideas on what I could do to keep myself busy. She says pick up a hobby! Like I haven’t already thought of that mother! haha. My recent hobbies of reading and crafting have become almost a nuisance. I then talked to my Uncle Walt, who has become almost a father in these past years, gave me a GREAT PICK-ME-UP pep talk! Reminding me again that this is just a short lull in my life, that by the time I know it, I will be so busy I won’t be able to keep up. This I am excited for!

So to bring this post to an end, I am grateful for the upcoming Thanksgiving because it couldn’t come at a better time. When life right now seems passionless and lethargic, I just remember that I have a purpose and that I am hear to show my gratitude to others.

My Thanksgiving outfit! (I go all out when its a holiday!)


  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    wow, let me just blow up your blog by commenting on every post. (i love that you have so many new posts for me to read/ponder on in the last 24 hours…makes my bored moments at work MUCH better!)

    i love this. 1 – norman rockwell is a PHENOMENAL artist. he just alwaysalwaysalways captures american moments and emotions at their finest. 2 – i’m glad i’m not the only one who gets easily distracted in church…ha! but i do happen to always catch the message i need most as well. 3 – it’s nice to know i’m not the ONLY one with crazy highs and lows that come and go SO quick on the daily. 4 – gratitude is a gift. and i find that when i’m at my lowest…without fail, it pulls me through. it may seems a little wrong, but a wise therapist once suggested to me that if i was in one of my “ruts” to take a moment for a some perspective, to compare my life to someone who doesn’t live in a situation of so much privilege as myself…that i really AM blessed and should be grateful for soooo many things that i probably take for granted. i feel it’s a little wrong to point out what other DON’T have or that they’re worse off than me…..but it DOES help me see the full picture better, and be grateful instead of such a mope.
    i love that you wrote about this.

    ps – are you making uganda plans yet?!?!

    • Im glad you liked my shout out ot thanksgiving! The normal rockwell painting was brought up in institute last night when they mentioned the 4 Freedoms that he painted. This was the freedom from want. Love it because we are blessed to have so many things that we take for granted.

      Church is actually my favorite time to sketch. I get my best work done there sketching the people at the pulpit. I recently havent done it in a while since I’m so starved for inspiration every where trying to find my answer to life. My friend last night mentioned that i should read the book “A Man’s search for meaning” by …… dang cant think of the author. But I must read it and I think we should read it together cuz it would help us both tremendously!

      Yes I have crazy highs and lows that I have actually grown accustomed to! haha Sad I know. But after therapy and taking medication it has slowed down. So instead of mood swings every 15 min its more like every 20 min. lol. But i guess it makes life interesting. I sometimes am jealous of the people that just go through all this stress and work load of school and never worry nor complain… then I think… HOW BORRING! ha! Yes I did have one of my emotional break-downs the other night. Sad as it is to say I cried myself to sleep. Just so overwhelmed with the thought of not achieving anything worthwhile in my life aches the most. I realized I have lost passion. I need to find it in something! I remembered how much I love children and working with them in college. I worked at an after school program everyday helping kids with hw and playing with them. it was great! I want to do that again! So I spent most of my night applying for jobs and researching. I need to keep looking for my “In”!

      Uganda! I feel like I need to really take time and pray to see if I should do that this summer. It has a LARGE amount of money and I want ot make sure Heavenly Father doesnt have any other plans for me. I will let you know! I should go ot the temple today… hate that it takes so long though. lol

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    i totally get you. my ever racing thoughts of my self-perception are the ruin of me. and have wet my pillow many a night.

    man’s search for meaning! i have it on my bookshelf…VERY worth reading. last time i read it was pre-mish…i should probably do it again. it’s great for perspective on life and how we’re living/viewing it.

    you know, the time in my life that i was the happiest/felt most fulfilled was on my mish. i don’t think i cried myself to sleep once in the whole 18 months (UNHEARD OF!…which might have been because i was so tired every night i didn’t have time to..ha!) but i know it’s because in that time, my life was lived for others every day. helping. making a difference. i had time for SO much it seemed! i loved that. i also look at my life and think i need to do more things like that now…serve/give of myself to help and care about others instead of dwell on ME so much. if it’s what you want to do…help kids/travel abroad and volunteer or whatever, pray for opportunities.. the Lord will present a way for you to do that. it also may not be in the way you originally thought though. …

    the temple takes time. time is a sacrifice. but i know every time we show that kind of sacrifice, the Lord sees it and it means so much. and let me tell you, the blessings from it will show! also…in the last few months, the two times i was the most uplifted and inspired and made big decisions was because i decided to do my own personal fast along with my praying. both times it was like a light suddenly illuminated all the darkness and frustration in my head. answers/guidance came and it gave me the faith to do what needed to be done. it may seem like such a common answer, fasting…but lately, my testimony of it is over-powering!!

    you’ll find your “in” or passion or inspiration. uganda may or may not be part of it.

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