Breaking News! Gun Point Thieves!

Ok, I can’t even believe what happened! It’s hard for me to even organize my thoughts because I’m going crazy! The thought of it is pure dumbfounds that things like this still happen! It’s ok people, I will force myself to calm down to tell you exactly what happened. Deep Breath…., and GO!

As I pull up to my quite cottage-like office building I saw New’s trucks and Camera’s an Anchors and Everything that would signify that there was something interesting going on that I apparently was seeing before the entire world does. I downed the rest of my smoothie shake I gleefully blended this morning and walked into my work. As soon as I got there my sweet-spirited and homely coding co-worker with glasses as thick as ice told me the Jewelry Store LOSEE’S had been robbed at Gun Point last night at 6:30pm!!!

This probably wouldn’t be as shocking if I wasn’t outside of Losee’s Jewelers at exactly 6:30pm LAST NIGHT!!!!I Work right next store! I left a little later last night that usual. And as I walked to my car I noticed it being extremely dark. Pitch Black in fact and somewhat creepy. I must of walked right past the Sick and Disturbed Men as they pulled their viscous guns on the humble workers. They forced them upstairs while duck taping their mouths and eyes shut. The fright that must of been going through their minds can only be imagined!

The Thieves stole thousands, maybe even millions of dollars of gold, silver, and diamonds! Still on the loose, detectives and Police are scouring the city and beyond for those evil men! They will come to justice for what they did. I am just so grateful no one was hurt. But until this is solved, I’ve got both eyes open!


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