Black Friday is America’s craziest Tradition!

I’m not a Shoppaholic, Im not addicted to anything really. I go a little overboard on loving small animals, but who wouldn’t love wittle baby kittens and bunnies?!

I know right! So this Holiday I decided to spring into motion and jump on the Black Friday Band-wagon. Which in every scenerio is crazy! First Getting up at 4:30am, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten up that early. Next is wanting to shop at retail stores, I prefer 2nd hand treasures. Lastly is standing in line forEVER; I don’t even like standing in line for food! But it does have something I DO love, that anyone who knows me can contest to this… LOTS OF PEOPLE! I am a social butterfly and any chance I have to get out and be around the hustle and bustle I am there! Try taking me to an empty restaurant, I will walk right out! Advice for my next date:)

Well it was just as I expected that surprisingly warm Friday Morning! The mall was Crazy! H&M had a line out the door! I snuck upstairs though and bought my (hold your breath…) 3 DRESSES for 5$ Each! 

Look, its my checker at H&M! I asked if I could take a picture of him! He said he’d never had a customer ask him that! Love Firsts of Everything! He said he came in earlier and went shopping for the great deals himself. I’m bettin he’s lookin’ fly right now! haha Love Me Some H&M!

 After H&M we grazed the rest of the Mall for amazing deals! Banana Republic had 40% off everything. Express had 40% off everything. I don’t shop at those places though, too expensive. Its like marking up a cami to $39.99 so you can put it on sale and it only be $28! Still expensive! I still consider myself a poor college student for some reason….

We went to Other stores and prices were so low I got a Build-a-Bear!

haha Just Kidding! What would I do with a build-A-Bear?!

  My cousins Loved being up that early! They didn’t want to stop shopping! I hit a wall at about 11am. After being up for 6 hours I wanted to find a nice warm bed and a piece of pumpkin pie to make my stomach stop rumbling!

They found me perched up on a garbage can with my bags clutched close just in case I fell asleep. CAN WE GO HOME PLEEEASE!

All and all it was a great day! Got home, ate thanksgiving left-overs, which in my opinion are better a day later! Read some hunger games and then fell asleep. I came home with 3 dresses for myself, a bunch of bracelets from charlette rouse for like $1, and some gifts for my friends and family! I cant share what I got or it won’t be a surprise on christmas Morning! Muahahahaha!

Black Friday was crazy but I LOVE IT!!!

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    you crack me up!!! i wish i had the willpower to do black fridays….but i’ve never done it. not once! crazy.

    • I did it last year too! But this year I decided to sleep before instead of staying awake all night and then going shopping at 430am!! haha So much easier!

  2. Scott Tanner Clark said:

    Hey, this is Scott, your cashier from H&M on black Friday. Thanks for coming into H&M to shop and putting up my photo. It is surprisingly good considering the time of day and how long both of us had been awake. Hope you are enjoying your purchases.

    • Hey Scott! so glad you actually came to my blog! Your famous now you know! haha. Yes it was a long morning but so worth it! Love my new outfits! thanks:)

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