Book Club Anyone?

I stumbled onto Lauren Conrad’s beautiful Blog today! Its full of clothing finds, decor, diy, her pop culture, and her book club! Surprisingly her book club is doing the same book as the Book club I started! The Hunger Games!

I’m only in the early chapters but so far its pretty good! I don’t have much time to finish reading it considering our book club meeting is this SATURDAY! ARGH! Everyone says how amazing it is, I hope I find the satisfaction meets up with the expectations!

The “Sexy Seven Book Club” started when I heard one of my friends talk about her book club. I thought, “Doesn’t that sound so prestigious and grown up!” Then it acured to me, I should start a book club! So right away My Bestie and I pulled our heads together and made one! We invited all our closest college girlfriends! Since most of them have married and some already procreating, it was a great idea to get us all together once a month!!!

Since we all love to dress up, the theme is Grandmas Tea Party! Here is a little preview of previous parties! 

Book Club Meeting on December 3rd! Can’t Wait! and remember, Pinkies Up!

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    i did love this book. the whole series! i hope you love it too.
    i will join your bookclub….one day :)

    • You can join my book club! ON saturday we will decide our next book and you should read it with us! ok? ok!

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    done! i’m so excited :)

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