Its Snowboard Season Already

Guess what time it is?!

I am so excited to surf the snow this year! Anyone who has not done it I suggest you get your lil onesy snow attire out from the 90’s and shred it up.

Something exciting has happened that I can’t wait to tell you!! It actually all went down this morning!

I got a Part-Time job at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah today! I had my 2nd interview this morning and I was doubting the whole drive there. I worried that I would be taking away from my Design job that I have now and it wouldn’t be responsible decision.  After talking to the manager, meeting the sweet staff, finding out all the Great Perks that come with working at a ski resort, I couldn’t wait to start!

Here are some pictures to get YOU Excited about this too!!!

Aren’t I so good?! haha Just kidding, this isn’t me! But I am working on the boxes more this year! Hopefully I can learn to get some good air without peeing my pants!

I have a strange thing about snowboarding! I find every snowboarder wrapped in their bulky baggy snow pants and colorful coat ATTRACTIVE! The when they hit tricks!… OMG   So hot! Im such a silly girl:)

Happy Snowboarding this Year fellow bloggers! I will get some pics of me in my swanky gear soon! Love ya all to bits and pieces!

1 comment
  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    i loveLOVEloveLOVE this soooo much!!! like…i’m so giddy for you!!
    (i’ve never done ANY snow sports before…crazy, i know! but we just don’t have that here in GA)
    and yes…i find the fellas to be so attractive too. you are going to have great stories…and meet so many….amazing people!!!!! this. is. great.

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