Plaid Social Design

Your probably wondering what I’ve been up to lately at work? Well I just design stuff everyday. Here’s a recent one! Enjoy!

  1. I love your blog! It’s so funny and you have the best pictures

    • Thank you so much! Your so sweet! I love your blog too!

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    you are so amazing, chels!

    • haha I try! your so sweet thanks! so I cant wait to tell you about life?!!!!! Guess what? I got a job at the Canyons Ski Resort! I had my 2nd interview today so I had to drive up to park city yet again and I met with the retail manager where I’d be working and i am sooo excited!!! I can’t wait!!! I was praying about it all night and even driving up there this morning I did not feel good about it. I was stressed that I would be taking time out of my job I have now to make less at another. But after my interview today I know the Pro’s outweigh the con’s so much!! I am going to be working in the main retail store and the rental shop and it is going to be so fun and busy and packed and meeting new people everyday and hanging out with the fun employees i met and meeting HOT SNOWBOARDERS everyday! HELLO!! so great! I will be working thurs fri and sat! and I did the math and with the extra say i’d be working on saturday it comes out to be making the exact same, even a little more. So I am going to be having a killer winter! plus I get a few snowboard pass! yeayeay! Im gonna write a blog about it now! haha

  3. thatgirlwhit said:

    i love how opportunites always present themselves when we’re doing our best to find them. this is so rad!!!! of course they wanted you…you fit the part. so. well! congrats, girl! you’ll have a blast.
    i have happy news tooo…….i met a boy :) …well, elissa brought an amazing boy into my life! and he’s coming to visit me this next week!! !!!!!!! ohmygoodness…

  4. You met a boy?!! yay! was it when you were here in provo? Im so jealous! Whats his name? Im excited you need to tell me how his visit goes!

    I am feeling particularly down today. I broke down and wrote bryce a small FB email and he didn’t reply. It drives me crazy! So I then tried to reblock him and it wouldn’t let me for another 48 hrs! I dont think I could go that long with him essentially not responding! So I deactivated my facebook account. I am having the worst day! Period + the doctors are being wierd about perscribing my medication so I’ve been off it for 3 days and I am an emotional wreck! Im sad that I am still single:( I hungout with some people last night and they were all soooo rude to me and wouldnt even talk to me! I came home and cried. I can’t wait til I am over my ex and I find someone new! I don’t know how much longer I can do this!!!

    • thatgirlwhit said:

      i TOTALLY know how you’re feeling. life can be fabulous one moment and you can’t think of anything that could bring you down…..and then, BOOM – it feels like all hope is lost and the only thing left to do is cry. even if it is over all the sugar falling off of your churro (ha..sorry, that happened to me once. horrible day. then i dropped my churro and all the cinnamon/sugar fell off. and i started crying. oh my!)
      waiting for a response…is the worst. waiting in general. i find myself doing impulsive things like that…facebook messaging people or whatever…when i’m feeling emotionally vulnerable. and then i start hating myself after. and i start freaking out. i am such a girl.
      i guess what i’m trying to say is….i understand.
      being single has its perks!!! but….there comes those dreary moments where it feels so lonely. they pass though! i promise you they do.
      chels, you are GORGEOUS. like REALLY. and so talented. and witty. and fun. and FUNNY! and intelligent. and successful. and spiritual. and fashionable. and goal-oriented. and hard working. and giving. and loving. and with a bangin bod ;) you are that complete package any guy would be sooo lucky to have. and you don’t want just any guy….you want one who will lift you up and make you feel like you are worth more than the world. ….you want the one who is your equal. and considering you’re so rad, finding your equal may take some work :). but i promise you, he’ll be worth the wait.
      it may not help much…but often i have to remind myself that trusting in God means that i trust He has the perfect guy for me…and the perfect time for him to be in my life.
      you will find someone new! things always look up. they really do.

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