If I Were A Boy!

Ever thought to yourself, Boys have it so easy? They wake up scratch certain parts and throw a hat on and go. Have you ever secretly wished you could just pee anywhere you wanted? Don’t get me started on camping, squatting to pee outside is probably the most demeaning thing a girl could do! Camping aint so great for us women. haha. Boys just don’t understand how hard it is to be a girl? But it doesn’t stop there!

Sorry for my Frankness but us Girls fight a battle every day! From Periods, to uncontrollable Mood swings, having to always look good, picking out the right outfit to attract boys attention and make other girls jealous. Then theres the fact that were just smarter than them. Directions, cooking, dancing, comforting, and many more. Plus  theres the fact that we have to constantly convince these boys that we knew the answer all along:)

The sad part is some girls feel like boys actually know what they want. When in reality, they left that boat long ago. We need to band together and show dem hood-rats whats up. Pardon my slang, I slip into thug mode every once and a while.

So heres the Experiment!!!!!!

1. Dress up like guys and explore the World of being idiotic and obliviously retarded, like most are, and entertained the sense of Power for Woman. 

2. Video our Experience!

3. Make it into a Music Video to none other than “If I Were A Boy” by my home girl Beyonce! (again thug mode appreciated).

I will not lie, I make a pretty hot guy! I’d date me haha

Watch Video >>>> HERE <<<< 

Conclusion = Being a boy is so much less stressful! Aaaaaaaaaand it was kinda fun beatin’ someone up:)

  1. haha, I’m a guy and this made me laugh, I think you’re right! Thanks for posting, this is cheering ^^
    Let the guys/girls battle begin… (Can I be on the girl side? haha)

    • Better stick to your own side, we wanna win:) haha Thanks for reading! it was a blast to do! Next one coming soon, still deciding on experiment to take on! haha

  2. knudsens said:

    This was a good one. I always say being human isnt easy.

    • It was so fun dressing up like guys and acting all testosterone induced! But I agree, overall being a human is daunting! Love your photography by the way!

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